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You don't have to have it all figured out at times. It's also best if you don't knw how to to go about certain things. Do not feel bad, don't let no one pressurize you into thinking you are below standard. I get it,we all want to follow the status quo,that's what's trending ,you don't want to be left out. Believe me ,I understand where you're coming from and I'm telling you for a fact ,I know where those thoughts can lead you to.

Give it up,don't fret when things don't turn out the way you want. Restrategize,set your priorities straight. In everything you do make sure you're recording your  progress. Recognize your progress no matter how slow and sloppy it might seem,you will surely get there,forget about the time difference. The best things are surely kept for the last. Let no man push you into thinking you are not enough. You have the gem right inside of you ,let no one tell you otherwise. Just be good at what you do,this is not saying you should accept mediocrity.

Whenever you Starr seeing yourself as a lesser being than you are, Your self-worth starts diminishing. If you don't see the value in yourself,trust me,no one will. Bring out that best side of you . Love yourself enough to be your own personal hype-man. Keep encouraging yourself, you can do this,let no one tell you otherwise. You are greater and better than who you're thinking of becoming. Keep yourself as strong as always.

Yes,you are dark-skinned,brown skin,white skin,yellow skin; but God himself knew that complexion perfectly suits you. He knows you can handle all this,he knows you are stronger than you see. Help yourself when there's no help. You are your forever crush.You don't need people to validate you.Any opinion that doesn't speak good of you is definitely not for you. You have to believe those opinions don't matter,do not crucify yourself because of what people are saying . Truth is,people always talk. Like someone once said" we are all champions in the story of another". Spectators always believe they can do it better. As a matter of fact,no one can do a better job of being YOU than YOU. Take up the challenge;say and prophesy GOOD about yourself always. You are the only better you there is,no one is......

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