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The Voices in my Head

In ages past when peace and justice reigned,
I recount with smiles at the Giant’s ego.
The patriots who had long paid for her milkness
that the future greatly be as they desired.

Many voices I hear in my head,
of men who served the land with strength and faith.
The Ziks, the Awos, The Tafs of those times
their travails endlessly resounding in my head.

I hear them still, different voices all at once,
Full of zeal, might and passion for a better Land.
Who would teach our confused shepherds how to lead?
For those whose voices I hear in my head are not of gluttons and thieves.

Who would tell our leading locusts that those whose voices I hear
Are not those who feed on the good of the masses.
But are those who delight in the prosperity, wealth and tranquility of the people
And not just in their gains.

To whom can we turn for help?
For our greenness and savour have long gone.
Oh! Look down not on us with shame,
But teach our leaders the way they should go,
The voices in my head.

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