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The Conciousness of God

The consciousness of God is one thing you should crave to have. The feeling that God is everywhere and He is the one to control your life daily.

Before or after you speak ,you should think about if God approves or before you go anywhere, you should think... would God go there too? When you haven't spoken to Him or heard Him speak does it boils down to...I haven't communicated to God in prayers or studied His Word ..and I really need to and you do it.

Does God affect your everyday life ? If He does, then that's awesome. If He Doesn't , then it is time to make it happen. He has always been waiting and He is still waiting for you to make Him Lord and Head over your life.

Starting from this month make God part of your life and you will see His Manifestations in your life daily. Have a great month .
Happy new month.

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