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The art of listening

  For every effective and strong relationship there are several ingredients that make them up.Some of which includes understanding, love,care, communication, bonding etc.communication of which is one of the most very important factor in every good relationship. We should learn to communicate with one another effectively and to do that we should cultivate the art of listening.while many people think they are actually listening,they are not.Instead they are hearing,hearing is  all about the words they say and the sound they produce.when you hear you can hardly understand what they are truly saying which causes fustration in many relationships either family , marriage and even friendships.

    To cultivate the art of listening is to pay full attention to something or someone. To listen to someone isn't just about when they are talking,even their actions needs to be listened to.when we actually listen to people we get what they are actually saying and even what they are not saying, this brings about understanding which promotes good relationship. When we listen to people we notice their mood while talking or taking action,their gesture and their feelings these way we get a clearer picture of what they actually mean, thereby preventing unnecessary misunderstanding.

In conclusion by cultivating the art of listening to people and things, we foster peaceable and understanding relationships.

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