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Ruby Reward Writing Contest

Read these carefully so as not to be caught unawares.

Hullo, members of the iWriteNG forum.

The iWriteNG Ruby Reward Contest is an initiative of the Forum to encourage writers, educate people and provide a platform to show the world their creative writing abilities and by doing so, they are being rewarded.

Firstly, we would like you to know that this contest is only to members of the iWriteNG forum. In other words, to participate, you need to be a member of the forum. If you are not a member, click here to register. If you’re already one of us, just login to your profile and start writing.

Secondly, we would like you to understand that if you are just registering, you can also write on other categories in the forum. But it is not a criteria to participate or win the contest. The contest is solely different from other writing categories. The writing categories are there for you to write, show the world your creative writing abilities, educate people and increase the amount of rubies in your iWriteNG account.


  1. Register and/or Login to the Forum
  2. Create a topic under the Writing Contest TAB
  3. Post your write-up; Poem, story, note, etc

Prizes to be won: As regards this contest, two people would be rewarded; Winner (1st) and Runner Up (2nd).

Winner: R5000 (5000 Rubies), Write-up will be featured on the iWrite Magazine – BIBM, Would be granted a 14-day VVIP privilege.

Runner Up: R3000 (3000 Rubies), Write-up will be featured on the iWrite Magazine – BIBM, Would be granted a 14-day VIP privilege.

This contest is open from February 28th – March 28th, 2019.

Winners will be announced on the 27th of April, 2019 after the write-ups has be collated, read, scrutinized and graded.

NOTE 1: You can edit your write-up once it has been published within the contest’s date.

NOTE 2: You cannot delete a write-up after it has been published. Doing this would disqualify you from the contest.

NOTE 3: You can only post a write-up. If you post more than a write-up, you would be disqualified from the contest.

NOTE 4: There are two (2) categories under the Ruby Reward Writing Contest TAB; Poetry and others. You should publish your post under the exact category

I.E. If you’re publishing a poem, it should be under POETRY. If you’re publishing any thing apart from poem, it should be under OTHERS.

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