iWriteNG is a platform for poets, bloggers, authors and people who love writing.

An online community that enables a member show the world his/her creative writings, educate people, change ideologies and touch lives through the power of words.

On this platform, a member can write on any topic he/she wants to write on, participate in educating and exciting activities, upgrade to VIP/VVIP membership and enjoy extra benefits, get recognition awards for being a member, participate in activities and also, make profit.

Members are also rewarded with rubies (R) which can be used to purchase products from the ruby shop.

Features and Activities:

  • Membership is free

  • You can upgrade your account to a VIP/VVIP profile

  • Each member gets R20 upon registration

  • As a member, you’ll be able to participate in contests, competitions and giveaways

  • You can write on any topic of your choice

  • You can read other member’s posts, comment, DM members, etc.

  • Ruby (R) rewards to members which can be used to purchase stuffs from the rubies shop

  • Monthly recognition and awards

  • Most active member of the group

  • Most read write-up of the month

  • Best write-up of the month

  • Most social member of the month

When a member upgrades to a VIP/VVIP profile, he/she enjoys extra benefits:

VIP – N500

VVIP – N1000

PS: The amount tied to each profile is more than this but has been reduced not for any other sake but to encourage members.

Additional Features to VIP/VVIP Profiles:

  • Official email address from iWriteNG. i.e, yourname@iwrite.com.ng

  • iWriteNG VIP/VVIP membership card

  • Upon upgrade, VIP gets 300R and VVIP gets 500R as a reward

  • You become a moderator of the forum (VVIP only)

  • Advertisement at no cost (VVIP only)

  • Profile accelerates and displays VVIP (VVIP only)


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